Every Day Make Up

My go to every day make up look does tend to be a very natural look but enough to give myself a little pick me up because I always feel a little better about myself with a touch of make up on!

My favourite make up product?
It has got to be mascara! A good mascara can do wonders for sure.

Lets dig deep into my make up bag!

Silicone Base Primer – Applying primer before your foundation is KEY! Creates the perfect smooth base for your foundation to sit on!

Blur Effect Foundation or Ideal Cover Foundation – Depending on the coverage I am aiming for will depend on the foundation I use. The blur effect foundation is definitely more of a every day coverage whereas the ideal cover foundation is a much stronger coverage.

The Body Collection Concealer – To hide them bags around the eyes!

Alaya Bronzer – I tend to use bronzer for more of a contour and apply it to the areas that you would contour.

Blusher – To add a bit of colour to them cheeks!

3D Liquid Highlight Drops – Add that glow to your day!

The Nudes, W7 Eye Shadow Palette – I love these colours for every day wear. I tend to wear the second one on the left the most.

Eye Brow Pencil – This is such a handy little brow pencil because it comes with a built in sharpener too!

Brow Mascara – Ideal to keep your brows in shape throughout the day!

Full HD Legendary Mascara – I swear by this mascara. My long term favourite for sure!

Creamy Long Lasting Matte Lipstick – I have this lipstick in a few shades now and it is definitely my go to lipstick!

Revolution Sport Fix Setting Spray – If you need a good, long wearing setting spray then this is definitely the one to go for. My make up doesn’t even budge after I have applied this!

St. Tropez Self Tan Purity Face Mist – I like to use this face mist just to give my tan a nice top up. Some fake tans have a funky smell to them don’t they? Well, this one doesn’t! In fact, it hasn’t got much of a smell at all. Touch wood, so far it has always applied evenly too which is a winner!


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