Amazon Baby Haul

As soon as we had our 12 week scan, I couldn’t wait to start collecting baby items! Unfortunately with the current circumstances in the U.K. with the country being in lockdown, we are unable to go to the shops for a good old browse around.
Luckily online shopping is dangerously handy, especially Amazon!

I am currently 19 weeks pregnant so I am in my second trimester. We are pretty organised to be honest, there isn’t a awful lot left that we need to buy which isn’t bad going! However, I am definitely looking forward to going round the shops to get cute baby clothing. Online shopping just isn’t the same for buying cute baby clothes… but it is pretty handy for the other essential items!

Here is some of the items we have got so far from Amazon:

Tommee Tippee – Closer to Nature. Clear bottles, pack of 6 260ml.

Who knew buying bottles for a baby was such a mind field?
I definitely didn’t realise how many different options there is on the market!
We are hoping to breastfeed, however, we are definitely getting prepared for plan B just incase! We are going to try with these Tommee Tippee bottles first and see how we get along as I am aware every baby is different and they don’t all agree with certain bottles so we will see how we go!

Wooden Baby Wardrobe Dividers.

These are absolutely adorable and will be perfect to keep the little ones wardrobe organised. They start from age new born and go up to 18-24 months which is really handy!
They also come in a gorgeous velvet bag but be aware, the bag is pink! We aren’t finding out our babies sex but the bag personally doesn’t bother me as the dividers are what matter!

Nappy Caddy Organiser.

I have got this organiser to go in our living room to store nappies, baby wipes, nappy sacks etc etc! (to save my little legs going up and down stairs every few hours with the bambino!)
There are so many different nappy caddy organisers available but I absolutely loved the style of this one and will go perfectly with the decor of our living room. It also has a divider inside which is attached by velcro so if you don’t want the sections you could easily remove this part.

Cloth Drawers Organisers – Set of 6.

We have recently ordered the wardrobe and cot for the nursery so when they get delivered I will be excited to get our baby items in there and organised!
This set of 6 organisers are perfect to keep the little hats, socks, mittens, bibs etc nice and tidy. There are two big, two medium and two small boxes and they are all foldable so easy to store away if not in use which is also handy!

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Healthcare Kit

I have seen these little kits in a few shops now and this was definitely the cheapest I have seen them available (currently on the sale. Reduced from £17.99 to £9.79!) It has nine essential items inside the little case and I think it will be handy to have on stand by, just in case!
You can also some times be lucky and get these from the Aldi baby event for a good price, but you have to be quick!

Motorola MBP481A Video Baby Monitor.

Another essential item! When it comes to essential baby items, like baby monitors, you are definitely spoilt for choice. There are so many available on the market to choose from.
After being spoilt for choice, we finally decided to go with this Motorola baby monitor… hopefully it will not disappoint!
Also currently on the sale on Amazon. Reduced from £69.99 to £49.99.

The Blissful Baby Expert Book.

I can not recommend this book enough to new Mum’s or first time Mum’s to be. Being a first time Mum, you are pretty much going into this motherhood lifestyle blind folded and hoping for the best, aren’t you?
This book has definitely given me some useful tips on healthcare, breast feeding etc!
The Blissful Baby Expert is also on Instagram too!

Tommee Tippee – Made for me, Single Manual Breast Pump.

As I said previously, I am planning to breast feed, all being well. This isn’t the breast pump I want to use long term but I like to be organised with everything so I have got this one to keep me going in the early days as it wasn’t too expensive. The breast pump I would like once I know I can definitely breastfeed is perhaps the Elvie breast pump, or one similar, but they are a little pricey which is why we haven’t bought one yet until we know if I can definitely breast feed. If you have any recommendations of good breast pumps I would love to know. Ideally I would like a hands free, portable one.

My Bump & Me Pregnancy Journal

This is one of the first items I bought. I am such a sucker for a list and being organised! This journal is ideal for that as well as documenting your pregnancy journey. There are so many sections in this journal from baby name ideas, when you first found out, the first people you told, the first time you wore maternity clothes.
There is a ‘time to start planning’ section which has baby shopping lists, ideas for the nursery, a nursery shopping list, before the baby bucket list, to do lists and much more.
There is also a weekly section where you can document any milestones from that week which will be perfect to look back on.

Your Baby, Week by Week.

This book was recommended to me by a friend of mine who also has a little boy. She said she used it as her bible when her boy entered the world and I can definitely see why. It is going to be the perfect book to pick up and read sections when you are in that stage.
The book starts at week 0 (when you’re in hospital/just leaving hospital) and goes up to week 24. Each week it explains the changes that the baby will go through in the first six months, which I guess is the most daunting time for a first time Mum!
Also covers other topics like feeding/breast feeding, when to seek medical advise, identify why your baby is crying tips and much more!
I can definitely see myself just picking this book up each week and reading one week at a time.

For now, that is all from Amazon… for now!

If you have any recommendations of any items that we may need, or what was your go to baby essential item then leave me a comment as I would love to know.

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Speak soon x