Our Baby Shopping List

It wasn’t long after we found out that we were expecting that I wrote myself lots of lists for baby items that we needed to get and things we needed to do before the arrival. I made a list for general baby items, the nursery items, my hospital bag, the babies hospital bag, to buy for mummy, changing bag shopping list, my plan before hospital (the build up to going into hospital) and things to do before the baby arrives. I am surprised I didn’t have a list to organise my lists!

I am going to share with you the items that I have on my baby item lists as it has really helped me to keep organised with what we need and ticked off as we went along.

General Items:

  • Vests. Newborn and 0-3 months.
  • Baby grows/sleepsuits. Newborn and 0-3 months. Keep your eyes peeled for grows that have zips on too!
  • Mittens. Although most sleepsuits have built in mittens, I have bought some anyway incase the baby is wearing a short sleeved outfit.
  • Booties/Socks
  • Hats.
  • Cardigans.
  • Blankets. Cellular blankets have been highly recommended as they are breathable.
  • Muslins.
  • Changing bag.
  • Changing mat. I have got one for upstairs, one for downstairs and a travel one in my changing bag.
  • Nappy caddy. I have got one for upstairs and one for downstairs.
  • Carry sling.
  • High chair. We have chosen one that can be used from birth.
  • Dummy.
  • Dummy clip.
  • Moses basket.
  • Fitted sheets for moses basket.
  • Bouncy chair.
  • Play mat.


  • Baby bath support/baby bath.
  • Baby shampoo.
  • Baby bath soap.
  • Baby lotion.
  • Baby sponges.
  • Baby towels.
  • Baby wipes/Water wipes.
  • Cotton wool pads.
  • Nappy bags
  • Nappies. I have bought two large packs of the first size but I am also going to purchase a smaller packet which will be taken into hospital with us.
  • Nappy rash cream.
  • Bath thermometer.
  • Health care kit. Includes a digital thermometer, baby scissors, baby comb and brush, baby nail clippers, 2x emery boards, toothbrush and nasal aspirator.



For Mummy

  • Nursing pillow.
  • Breast pads.
  • Lansinoh nipple cream.
  • Nursing bras.
  • Appropriate/comfortable underwear.
  • Comfortable nightie
  • Peri bottle.
  • Maternity knickers/pads.
  • Witch hazel.
  • Badedas indulgent bath gelee.
  • Birthing ball.


Changing bag

  • Nappies
  • Nappy bags.
  • Wet wipes/water wipes.
  • Muslins.
  • Spare clothing.
  • Travel changing mat.
  • Creams.
  • Comforter/small toy.
  • Dummy/Dummy clips/Dummy case.
  • Hand sanitizer.
  • Dribble bibs.
  • Breast pads.
  • Tissues.
  • Sun cream (seasonal).
  • Milk – Depending on your personal feeding situation.

The list has changed and adjusted throughout my pregnancy and I can imagine it will continue that way too but I do hope that it has been helpful for you.

When it is closer to the time, I will also add my hospital bag check list too.

Thank you for reading and congratulations!

Steph x