NotSoFarmersWife Beauty

NotSoFarmersWife Beauty is a partner of FM World U.K. cosmetics.
We stock over 200+ fragrances (for him and for her) that are very similar to your branded favourites.
Did you know you can’t trade mark a scent?

NotSoFarmersWife Beauty is all about quality, affordable fragrances and beauty products.
We don’t do fancy bottles/packaging or celebrity advertisements, so our products are much cheaper than your high street ones!
Our bottles and boxes are sleek and minimalistic.

Some of our fragrances are made in the same factory as the branded ones and this is why they they’re so close in scent. We use similar scent notes and ingredients which have a high perfume oil concentration, lasting 6-8 hours+!

You don’t wear the bottle, so why pay the price?